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  • 100% Natural!
  • No Harmful Ingredients!
  • Ingestible!
  • Eliminates Fleas and Ticks!
  • Money Back Guarantee!
  • Only $16.99 for a 4 Month Supply!


FleasOFF is an all natural flea and tick solution for your dog.

We are an all American company using a recipe from my grandpa Dr. Eddleman, who was a scientific genius of his time. Lucky for us he was also an avid dog lover who lived in the south and constantly had to deal with the problems fleas and ticks can cause. Just like us, he wanted a simple and effective solution to get rid of fleas and ticks.

Not only is FleasOFF an all natural and safe product it also is extremely effective. Our product doesn’t simply kill fleas and ticks but it repels them from your dog even before the first bite. We know that keeping your family safe from ticks and fleas is extremely important. However, we believe keeping them safe from chemicals and harmful side effects is also important. That’s why we are fighting fleas and ticks naturally.

FleasOFF costs a fraction of the price that name brand chemical solutions with charge and it’s free of nasty chemicals. FleasOFF goes directly in your dogs’ meal so there is no difficult application process or vet visits. Just open one FleasOFF capsule a day into your dogs’ food and let it work. You will start seeing results in as little as one week!

FleasOFF works as long as you keep putting it into your dogs’ food. The all natural ingredients in fleasOFF actually alter the very taste and smell of your pet to fleas and ticks, making your pet unappealing to bite or smell. Act now and start fight fleas and ticks naturally with FleasOFF.